In the beginning…

In the beginning…

June 5, 2020 Happy Birthday Lawn Sign NEW Happy Birthday Cupcake Lawn Sign 0


When we first started, our Happy Birthday cupcakes were all bright with colorful stripes and topped with white frosting with sprinkles.  Of course, they were actually large wooden lawn signs, not food, but they look good enough to eat!

We displayed our first lawn sign cupcake for my mother in law (see picture) who had just turned 99.  Then we displayed it for my youngest grandson when he turned one. We found that the giant 6 ft tall sign was a special treat no matter the age! So we started renting them out from our existing birth stork site,

We soon we realized that many boys and girls, young or old, might prefer to have either a pink or blue cupcake. So we expanded to three options and moved our inventory to You can rent it from either site now and the giant Happy Birthday cupcake remains a special treat.

And as a follow up to my family’s birthday celebrations, my grandson turned 5 this year and my mother-in-law turned 103 in March. Both are hoping to celebrate their birthdays next year together… in person – out of quarantine. The only thing better than cupcakes are real live HUGS!