Stork Yard Signs: Announce Baby’s Birth

Stork Yard Signs: Announce Baby’s Birth

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Celebrate & Announce Baby’s Birth in Style!


Twin Stork Lawn Signs available from Stork Stopped Here

7ft Tall Stork Lawn Sign
Announce the News

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Stork Lawn Sign Rentals
in San Jose, CA and Bay Area

*New Parents:
If you didn’t make advanced reservations.
It’s not too late!!
You can even call from the hospital to order!

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The Stork Lawn Sign Stork Delivery Rental includes the personalized bundle “keepsake” that hangs from our Stork’s beak.

The bundle and bow become the “keepsake” present for new parents at end of rental period.

Birth “keepsake” bundle is personalized with Baby Name, Weight & Length, Date-of-birth.

Celebrate and announce baby’s birth by renting a 7 foot Stork Lawn Sign!


We are listed on:

1- Day Shower Rentals too!  $79

Stork Lawn Signs for Baby Showers


1- Day Shower Rentals too!  $79