Quarantine Birthdays 2020

Quarantine Birthdays 2020

June 12, 2020 Happy Birthday Lawn Sign NEW Happy Birthday Cupcake Lawn Sign 0

This year the Happy Birthday cupcake lawn sign was a very special surprise for many San Francisco Bay Area recipients when Covid19 ‘stay at home restrictions’ didn’t allow anyone to go to a restaurant, park, or even a relative to celebrate.
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Since social distancing has been recommended, especially for those over 65, the Happy Birthday Cupcake giant lawn sign was especially a great gift for one of our customers who had her 95th birthday …in quarantine.

The lawn sign stayed up for a few extra days to allow members of her family to drive by her house to wave and wish her Happy Birthday.

It was a special treat for us at SanJoseLawnSigns.com to help her celebrate. Happy Birthday Leona! And many more. But hopefully not in quarantine!