the Stork Stopped Here: San Jose Stork Lawn Sign Rentals

the Stork Stopped Here: San Jose Stork Lawn Sign Rentals

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Call us:  (408) 773-6242      We Offer 5, 7 & 10 day Stork Lawn Sign Rental package AND Shower Storks

Know Someone Having a Baby?

A 7-ft tall Stork Lawn Sign rental from the Stork Stopped Here is a fun way to celebrate a baby’s birth. Plus it’s a timely gift.
We deliver and install the stork that displays a beautifully personalized handpainted baby bundle placard (in pink or blue). At the end of the rental period,  our stork lady picks up the stork. She presents the personalized baby bundle (wrapped in a bow) to the new parents to keep. Makes a great nursery centerpiece.

DIY Nursery Idea with Stork Stopped Here keepsake bundleNew parents get to keep their hand-painted baby bundle sign when stork rental period is over.

The Stork Stopped Here storks are ready to touch down in your neighborhood and announce a new baby’s arrival.
Call us while baby is still in hospital. We will rush the stork and hand-painted sign to the new parents’ lawn to welcome them home.
The Stork Stopped Here Lawn-Yard Sign rental packages for birth announcements are available for  5 days, 7 days or 10 days. This includes delivery, installation, custom hand painted “baby bundle keepsake” and removal of 7 foot Stork at end of rental period.

Call us (408) 773-6242 with the information about baby’s birth… and we will do the rest!

Check our Stork Sign Pricing page for details on the Stork Stopped Here Lawn Sign Rentals throughout the Bay Area delivery and pick up. (Grandparents love birth announcements too!)

If the new parents live in a townhouse or apartment (where there’s no lawn for the stork to land on) we have an option for that too.  Please give us a call or leave a voice mail message (we may be out assisting the stork delivery)!

Shower Storks are available for one-day rental and carry a White “It’s a Baby Shower” plaque.